Battlefield Tourism and Heritage

Promoting Battlefield Tourism

Over the last ten years I have been involved in helping communities preserve, interpret and develop battlefields for heritage purposes.

Battlefield heritage from air land and sea conflicts is an  underused national asset. A large section of population are actively interested in military history.  Battlefields are an important part of heritage for several reasons.  The landscape is a living exhibit from which we can still learn much about what happened and why.  Battlefields are places to bear witness to the inhumanity of man and a reminder of the consequences of the breakdown of peace.  They are also important as parts of economic and cultural life.     


As the Chair of the Battlefields Trust I have been responsible for developing our national strategy and the overall direction of our activity. Over this period we have achieved some great things. We have been working with professional from a range of disciplines on battlefields. One of our projects rediscovered the battlefield of Bosworth, We have developed some expertise in building community participation and ensuring that there is a human legacy from research work.   Current projects include the extension of the work to interperet the Wars of the Roses, the Battes and sieges of Magna Carta and the heritage of the air war over Britian in the First World War 

Over the past few years I have made a study of battlefield tourism in terms of destination competitiveness. I contributed a chapter to The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism (Richard Sharpley and Philip R. Stone) 2009 Since then I have been exploring what models of destination competitiveness apply to battlefields and delivered a paper at the British Commission for Military History's conference in May 2011 on the problems of guiding pre C20th battlefields in the UK.


As an individual I would be keen to obtain funding for my research. I also would like to encourage support for the Battlefields Trust 


Support the Battlefields Trust 

The Battlefields Trust is the leading battlefield heritage charity.  The Battlefields Trust  does a great job preserving , interpreting and presenting our sites of confliuct for heritage and educational purposes.  You can make a donation to the Battlefields Trust either through our Just giving link or direct to the Trust.

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